Thursday, March 26, 2009

Update from the Coach's corner


Congrats on winning our opener, 10-2, vs AAR.

It was somewhat of a warm-up game for us....showing areas where we can improve(fielding - pop ups and grounders), and got us acclimated to the new 3rd Strike foul-out rule(we have to stop swinging for the fence). We were very fortunate that our first game was against AAR.

The feedback I got back from my scouting agent is that some of the other teams are powerhouses. Burchette from last year, split into two very strong teams, and two of the new teams hired some lumberjacks. We will not have fun having a team pound us for a 30 minute inning, as Derek and I witnessed in a game prior to ours. We want to be ready....which I will be sending out a practice for this Sunday(weather looks 60ish and sunny).

Overall, we did great. Our team is just that, A team! I want to thank Jen and Heather M, for helping me with the book, and Chris always for her support! Speaking of which, Chris has elected to put together a blog for the team: I have attached Chris' email below.

Also, I have to give kudos to Derek for pitching a great game(no walks from what I can read or remember), and identifying some of AAR's weaknesses!

Our next game is against the Giving Kiosk(Turkey Buzzards) at 6:30pm on field 3! As ususal, let me know if you cannot make it!

-Coach K

PS. Chris, You did a great job with this. It kicks *ss!

Total Chaos--Cherry Buster....

I am loving the site as well as my teammates of course. I am disenchanted with the new rule as well. I think it's ridiculous that they can alter the whole game like that. I mean, gees, that's like telling a hockey team how many shots on goal they can have, or like taking away a free throw when there's a foul and only allowing one, or like taking away the 4th down in football. Sacrilegious in my book, but oh well. We go with the flow. I think overall it will be a great season just like the last. I am just so happy to be here for the spring season and not in some sandbox halfway around the world. I have missed everyone, and appreciate all the support. You are all like family to me. I love you guys......Now, let's play ball!!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Launch of our Blog

Since this is the launch of our Blog, I'll go ahead and tell everyone what we'll be posting on here and save the game info for last.

We do a lot of things together besides play ball. We're all really good friends (some are even dating), so we all hang out together, have little outings, weekend trips, girls night, etc. This will be where we'll post pictures of past gatherings, info for upcoming events, game information and everything else that comes up. It's kind of a catch-all for our team. All pictures/posts are welcome from anyone on the team. If you're not sure how to work a blog, just give a shout to Jen or I and we'll help you out. If you have any links you'd like added (for your business site, blog, etc.), let me know and we'll get it put up. Also, if you have a favorite widget or piece of personal info you'd like to share, we'll add it too. This is a TEAM BLOG... it's for everyone, so it should have a piece of everyone on it. =)

Now, on to the game...

First off, NSA/Kville Parks & Rec changed the number of foul balls we're allowed to have. We now only get 3 strikes (regardless of whether their fouls or actual strikes), where we used to get 3 fouls (4 strikes). Basically they took a possible hit away from every batter.

We played AAR and they're always a great team to go up against. They're a lot like us... just enjoying being out there, keeping it fun and joking around. But with the new rule, it was pretty tough on just about everyone and every team. I can't tell you how many of us either fouled out or popped up because we were too anxious to hit what was thrown. I think the first 4 innings were scoreless because we just couldn't hit the ball.

It all finally started coming together and we managed to bring in a few runs and win our first game of the season. I'm waiting on Matt to get back to me with the final score, but I would have to say it was around 6-2. As soon as I get it confirmed, I'll post it here and in Our Schedule over to the right.

I hope everyone enjoys this and is able to take advantage of it. If you see anything that should be changed, or if you think it would look better a different way, let me know.

See you all next Tuesday!