Thursday, March 26, 2009

Update from the Coach's corner


Congrats on winning our opener, 10-2, vs AAR.

It was somewhat of a warm-up game for us....showing areas where we can improve(fielding - pop ups and grounders), and got us acclimated to the new 3rd Strike foul-out rule(we have to stop swinging for the fence). We were very fortunate that our first game was against AAR.

The feedback I got back from my scouting agent is that some of the other teams are powerhouses. Burchette from last year, split into two very strong teams, and two of the new teams hired some lumberjacks. We will not have fun having a team pound us for a 30 minute inning, as Derek and I witnessed in a game prior to ours. We want to be ready....which I will be sending out a practice for this Sunday(weather looks 60ish and sunny).

Overall, we did great. Our team is just that, A team! I want to thank Jen and Heather M, for helping me with the book, and Chris always for her support! Speaking of which, Chris has elected to put together a blog for the team: I have attached Chris' email below.

Also, I have to give kudos to Derek for pitching a great game(no walks from what I can read or remember), and identifying some of AAR's weaknesses!

Our next game is against the Giving Kiosk(Turkey Buzzards) at 6:30pm on field 3! As ususal, let me know if you cannot make it!

-Coach K

PS. Chris, You did a great job with this. It kicks *ss!

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